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Gulangyu Islet, to the southwest of Xiamen Island, covers an area of 1.87 square kilometers. Its rugged rocks, winding seacoast, undulating green hills and unique workings ...
"A wilderness of sea surrounding Gulangyu, sea heaving the billows¡­", when setting foot on the piano wharf of Gulangyu, the music will slowly stretch out accompanying tourists' steps.
In history, Gulangyu once is a sparsely inhabited desert island. Till the Song and Yuan Dynasties, there had the name of "Yuan Sha Zhou". In the Ming Dynasty the name "Gulangyu" was used. There is mostly half-fish and half-agriculture economy on the island, the original houses were mostly very miserable folk-houses. Original folk-inhabitancy styles in the South-Fujian Triangle Area naturally affect the folk-houses styles ...
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